Friday, February 19, 2010

Memory Cassette

Memory Cassette (aka Memory Tapes aka Weird Tapes) had a flurry of EPs that came out last year, and I really wasn't sold on them when I first heard them. They kept changing their band's name and had a bunch of EPs that had some of the same songs on them, which in and of itself was enough to derail my delicate attention span. But recently they started playing randomly on my itunes, and in this era of download-the-fuck-out-of-everything-and-ditch-it-if-doesn't-grab-you-immediately, I feel like I've discovered a lost, sunken treasure from wayyyyy back in June 2009. Maybe it's the cold weather-rainy days-being sick combination that is ideal for listening to this band, but I've been playing them like a broken record for weeks straight now. Check out these tunes, I think the first one is some kind of Stevie Nicks cover. Also, they're playing at bottom of the hill next Saturday, Feb 27.

Memory Cassette - Last One Awake (Friend Version)

Memory Cassette - Asleep at a Party

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